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NSX-T Transport VLANs and Inter TEP Communication | LAB2PROD

Inter TEP Communication, Sharing Transport VLANs: Unpacking One of The Latest Features In NSX-T 3.1 This post will include a brief recap of how Tunnel Endpoints  (TEP) and Transport VLANs have had to be configured for communication in prior releases of NSX-T. It will then focus on how the release of NSX-T 3.1 has changed the way Tunnel Endpoints for […]

Multisite Deployment of NSX-T Data Center Part 1| LAB2PROD

NSX-T Active-Active Multisite in a Single Region and Failover to a Secondary Region Part 1.   A client required a Multisite Deployment of NSX-T Data Center in an Active-Active configuration within a single rack.  That is two top of rack switches each configured with BGP and peering to the NSX-T Edge Nodes.  Also as part of their requirements was a backup/DR […]