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This page details my current publications, excluding blog articles and YouTube videos.

VMware NSX-T Logical Routing

I receive numerous questions on the inner-workings of NSX-T, ranging from troubleshooting to design. I started this blog as a way to make this information accessible to more people.

In 2020, when I was approached about publishing a book, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make this information accessible to a larger audience and remain productive during lockdown.

My book, VMware NSX-T Logical Routing, was published in late 2021. It is a one-stop shop for all things VMware NSX-T Logical Routing and provides a deep-dive on a lot of the common (yet hard-to-understand) topics, further, it provides packet walks to further cement the concepts that are discussed.

What will you get from it?

  • Understand how VMware NSX-T Tunnel Endpoints (TEPs) communicate
  • Deep understanding of VMware NSX-T Logical Routing
  • Understand how VMware NSX-T achieves high-availability in the data plane
  • Understand how VMware NSX-T utilizes static and dynamic routing protocols

My book can be purchased from most major retailers, including Amazon. A link to the book has been provided below, along with a few reader reviews, which hopefully attests to the books potential.


Easy to understand

This book has excellent content and is written in an easy to follow and understand format. Highly recommend it

ali December 3, 2022

Perfect for beginners and no-beginners!

The author did a very good work explaining a complex subject, in an easy way! If you're a beginner who wants to start working with nsx, or a professional who wants deepen some parts of it, this is a very good choice to go for!

Cliente Amazon November 19, 2022

Good book

Routing described in depth as the rest

Serugio September 16, 2022

Looking to get a great understanding of logical routing with NSX? LOOK no further!

Great book and highly highly recommend!

Hades September 3, 2022

Quintessential operators manual for anyone managing NSX-T

If you're starting out with NSX-T and want to understand the inner workings of logical routing constructs then this book is for you. The detailed packet walks with step-by-step instructions on discovering and validating forwarding decisions made within the virtual network fabric are an excellent way for someone to get familiar with what happens under the hood with NSX-T Logical Routing. The book briefly touches on NSX-T Federation as it was a relatively new feature set introduced when this book was released, hoping the author releases another edition at some point to cover the Federation Control Plane and Routing constructs. Whilst it is possible to obtain the same information that this book contains by scouring the internet for blog posts and by other means, the hard work has been done for you in consolidating all of that information into a single book for easy consumption. It is for this reason that I would recommend purchasing this for anyone who would like a handy reference for operating your NSX-T environment.

Kane August 11, 2022

A bookshelf-must for all NSX-T engineers, consultants and architects.

This book is perfect. I'm a VMware NSX technical architect, and my life is spent designing, deploying, and perform knowledge transfer sessions with customers and clients throughout EMEA. This is a book I recommend to all customers who are both new to NSX-T and to those who are looking to brush up their logical routing knowledge. This book is an easy read too and allows you to quickly jump to a section/topic which might be causing issues, or if you just need to revisit a specific area of NSX. Shank has created a perfect example of how knowledge can be easily imparted; the diagrams within also help to visualise the topics being discussed. Well done, Shank. You've created a bookshelf-must for all NSX engineers, consultants and architects. Looking forward to the next one! 🙂

GarethL July 26, 2022

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