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My First Book – NSX-T Logical Routing!

My First Book – NSX-T Logical Routing!

Late last year, a project that I had been working on for close to a year finally came to fruition. My book, NSX-T Logical Routing, was published in November, 2021 (yes, it has taken me far too long to write this post!). My publications page provides some more information, along with some community reviews!

During that time I spent a lot of effort developing content, testing and verifying all technical details, writing up my results in what is hopefully an easy-to-digest manner, and finally having it all sanity checked by my ace team of reviewers. I wanted to give them all another shout-out, so thank you Luke Flemming, Doug Scobie, and Iwan Hoogendoorn – I could not have done it without you!

What’s Covered?

The topics I chose to focus on and provide a more in-depth understanding of are;

  1. Tunnel Endpoints (TEPs): There is quite a bit to know about Tunnel Endpoints! I have attempted to cover all aspects, from configuration to failure behaviour for both Host and Edge Transport Nodes.
  2. Remote Tunnel Endpoints (RTEPs): Covered in less detail when compared to TEPs, however, hopefully demonstrates how RTEPs are configured and used with NSX-T Federation.
  3. Logical Routing: Building on the previous topics, this chapter dives deep into logical routing architecture, and data flow in various scenarios.
  4. Data Plane Availability: This chapter covers availability mechanisms and configuration for the NSX-T Data Plane
  5. Datacenter Routing: This chapter covers off NSX-T’s implementation of BGP, OSPF, and static routing. It is not intended as a configuration guide, rather how the protocols operate within the NSX-T fabric. Also covered in this chapter are deterministic peering, BFD, uRPF, and ECMP

This post is intended to provide you with high level details of what is covered in my book, and hopefully to entice you into buying it! If you have enjoyed my blog and/or YouTube content and/or you like deep technical level detail reading, I’m sure you will enjoy this book, so please feel free to support my hard work by purchasing a copy!

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